Highly available CCPS Capacitor charging systems

Spektrum von 500 - 2500 J/s

  • Up to 1000 Hz repetition rate
  • 500-15,000 Vdc output
  • +/-1% control accuracy
  • 90-264 Vac wide range input
  • (180-264 Vac wide range input > 1.500 J/s)
  • PFC active

HV capacitor charging systems for pulse applications


BKT´s Capacitor charging systems - a development especially for applications in compact analytic systems and for medical technology. The low noise level and the low space requirement are particularly advantageous for laboratory and analysis systems. The wide input voltage range from 90 (180 > 1500 J/s) to 264 Vac with 50 to 60 Hz allows a global use without restriction. The polarity of the output voltage can be selected as positive or negative. In this case, the reference mass of the output is internally tied close to the ground level. These devices can be delivered with variouse output socket or output cable eg. SHV connector or any other standard cable connection. Matching mating connectors and connecting cables can be delivered separately. All insulation and the creepage distances are in acordance to IEC60601.

Application examples:

  • Wave technology
  • Pulse laser, Excimer, CO2
  • Flash lamps
  • Magnet-pulse technology
  • Pulse welding
  • Pulse-HF-transmitter

Of course, we supply also OEM versions on customer requirements. We be able to deliver any customized device from our large number of existing system designs and components.

Individual accessories & EMC

Numerous accessories and options for extended functionality enable customer-specific applications and versatile use. Examples include individual software modules, connection cables and complete measuring and simulation systems. Also our integration services and EMC consulting accelerate market launch.

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