High frequency absorber

Power range from 1-1200 watts

  • RF Power measurement
  • 0...1.000 MHz
  • VSWR measurement
  • 50 Ω Termination resistor

Dummy load / inclusive complete instrumentation

Smallest inadvertences in the wiring or at RF matching between the transmitter and the load can cause a considerable loss or malfunction. We strongly recommend using measuring instrumentation in the field and for service purposes to ensure proper operation in whole system.

We would like to advice on this topic.

For checking and servicing of high-frequency generators and transmitters we provide the appropriate instrumentations for the reliable system integration of our high-frequency amplifiers and transmitters like dummy loads with attached measuring device.

All measurements on high-frequency sources and wiring can be made without misalignment or due load repercussions. These measuring devices will significantly accelerate the development phase as well as the integration into the series product.

Therefore we offer you an efficient and practical selection of service and laboratory equipment for maintenance and development as accessories.


Product selection

The DL 100, DL 150 and DL 250 are loads with high power and can be used from DC up till 1 GHz. At high end stands the DL 1200, a dummy load for heavy duty work its covering the frequency range from DC up to 600 MHz..

Power range

  • 1-10 Watts
  • 10-250 Watts
  • 100-1200 Watts

Frequency range

  • up to 1 GHz

Weitere Eigenschaften

  • Sufficient heat sinks and cooling fins
  • Designed for 100% duty continuous operation
  • Terminating resistor in a well-tuned coaxial structure

You are welcome to get tailored measuring systems according on to your specific application. We can provide customized equipment quick and easy due our large number of existing system components.

Accessories for EMC measurement

Our integration services with EMV consulting accelerates development, approval procedures and fast market launch cycles.

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