High voltage power supply 1000 Watt

HVPS 1000

90-264 Vac wide range input, 500-15.000 Vdc output

  • Output polarity selectable
  • High control accuracy
  • PFC active
  • Compact case
  • Air-cooled

Under Revision

  • Samples available Q1/2018
  • Production Q2/2018 MOQ10


High-voltage power supplies with constant current or constant voltage like our HVPS 1000 Watt are used in a wide range of applications. The control accuracy and constancy of the set values ​​are of decisive importance. Our HVPS series is characterized by the modular design with the appropriate customization of the control system precisely to the application requirements. The construction is basical a primary switch mode power supply. The low-frequency mains voltage is rectified and converted into a high-frequency alternating voltage, then transformed into the correspondingly desired output voltage and rectified and smoothed again. The high-frequency transmission significantly reduces the size and design of the transformers, while simultaneously improving the control dynamics.By using very high switching frequencies, a low residual ripple and at the same time low stored energy at the output are achieved. This significantly improves the dynamic response characteristics of the output voltage and current. The rectified high voltage can additionally be smoothed by an attached LC filters and thus decoupled from load influences.

Individual Interfaces

We would be glad to provide you with an interface according to your individual requirements.

Standard Interfaces:


  • Line connection cable
  • Interface cable
  • HV connectors
  • HV cabel
  • HV switch and relay
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