10 Watt Q-Switch Driver

Pico QSD-RF Driver

20 MHz - 125 MHz, flange or forced air heat sink

  • Internal first pulse suppression
  • 24 V industrial supply
  • Analog modulation
  • Pulse input
  • Internal power measurement
  • Temperature compensation
  • Overtemperature protection
  • Overvoltage and overcurrent protection
  • Safe and stable under mismatch
  • Operation and error messages
  • Serial interface
  • Graphical user interface
  • Configuration interface

Full production


  • Standard frequencies 27.12 MHz, 40.68 MHz and 80 MHz
  • Frequency-adjustable 70-90 MHz
  • Please ask for further frequencies



The Pico QSD-RF Driver is a 10 Watt Q-Switch Driver, which is in its function especially tailored to the conditions of acousto-optic control. The configurable first-pulse automatic allows a quick and ease adaptation to various first pulse suppression required on engraving to achieve constant and stable results. The 10 Watt Q-Switch Driver provides its output power continuously over the entire frequency range. Precisely controlled and constant properties from module to module, in performance and frequency stability promotes the application of 10 Watt Q-Switch Driver, whereby the short switching times allow a high modulation frequency. The high-frequency output signal (RF amplitude) can be modulated and varied with an external analogue voltage 0-100%.A graphical user interface ensures a ease setting of all parameters. The output power and the first pulse suppression adjustments are programmable via the integrated serial interface, as an option there is a graphical user interface available. In addition, the high-frequency output signal (RF amplitude) can be modulated and changed with an external analogue voltage of 0-100%.

Individual Interfaces

We would be glad to provide you with an interface according to your individual requirements.

Standard Interfaces:


  • Supply connection cable
  • RF cable
  • Programming cable
  • Power splitter and coupler
  • Dummy load
  • Power meters
  • Simulation and test station
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