30 Watt AOM Driver

Nano RF-Driver

20 MHz - 120 MHz, Compact case style
Status indicators, flange or air heat sink

  • 24 V industrial supply
  • Mismatch protection
  • Stable under mismatch
  • Temperature compensation
  • Overtemperature protection
  • Overvoltage and overcurrent protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • operating displays indications

Full production

  • Standard frequencies 27.12 MHz, 40.68 MHz and 80 MHz
  • Please ask for further frequencies

Our Nano RF-Driver is an ultracompact 30 Watt AOM Driver module for the control of acousto-optic modulators. The combination of the pulse and analog modes allows a very flexible and variable use. The module has exceptional stable operating characteristics with short switching times. The excellent signal clarity and enormous contrast dynamics set standards. The structurally predefined and uniform properties from module to module, in the case of power and frequency stability, are an essential basis for stable acousto-optic control. The driver provides its power at 50 Ω over the entire frequency range. The desired maximum output power can be fine-tuned to the operating requirements by means of an externally accessible potentiometer. The high-frequency output signal (RF amplitude) can be modulated and varied by means of an external analog voltage 0-100%. Ein Pulseingang ermöglicht das schnelle Takten der Hochfrequenz. Die Kombination dieser Eingangssignale mit deren Phasen- Zeitbeziehung ermöglichen hoch komplexe Modulationsanwendungen.

Individual Interfaces

We would be glad to provide you with an interface according to your individual requirements.

Standard Interfaces:
  • Analog input 0-5V * 0-10V
  • Pulse input LVTTL / TTL
  • Digital status messages
  • Serial interface RS485 / RS232


  • Supply connection cable
  • RF cable
  • Suitable signal adapter
  • Power splitter and coupler
  • Dummy load
  • Power meters
  • Simulation and test station
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