Reliable solutions for Laboratory and institute

Application overview

  • chemical reactors
    RFD high frequency driver
  • plasma reactors
    HVPS - high voltage supplies & RFD high frequency driver
  • ion beam / electron beam
    HVPS - high voltage supplies
  • laser beam
    CCPS high voltage charging condensator systems, HVPS - high voltage supplies, RFD high frequency driver

Learn more about our wide range of components for your university or institutes. Take the advantage of customized developed for your application as well as a the wide range of existing solutions that have been produced in series for years. We will be pleased to accompany you, from the idea to the to serial production for your specific project. Through our skill and long practice in power electronics, high-frequency technology and control systems, we be able to design top new state of the art products and system solutions. That always in close cooperation to combine all the experience and knowledge base from university or institute sectors.

System features

  • Durable systems due to robust design and quality in production
  • State-of-the-art and extreme integrated components
  • Synthesis of microprocessor control and fast analogue signal processing to achieve best performance
  • Windows® Remote (depending on product class)

Of course, we supply also OEM versions on customer requirements. We be able to deliver any customized device from our large number of existing system designs and components.

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