RF Power Generators MFG / RF Power transmitter RFD

RFD Serie - RF Power transmitter for heating and plasma excitation


Our medium-frequency generators MFG series have been designed with attention to the wide range of industrial and scientific applications. Examples are inductive heating and plasma application. Therefore, a solid simple concept with ample power reserves and a robust final-power stage concept were realized. This generator generation has a micro-controller power control and stabilisation as well an excellent efficiency. The compact and slim design is perfect for space-saving system integration as an OEM module. The available air cooling facilitates system integration without water connection in the system. Of course, liquid cooling for high duty tasks and coil cooling is also available. The devices can be controlled with full remote via the implemented standard serial interfaces. Therefore, all parameters and the generator status can be recorded. Analogue and relay I/O have been added for the safety requirements as well for simple applications to complete the remote control concept.

Standard operating frequencies:

  • 10-200 KHz
  • 200-500 KHz
  • 500-1000 KHz

Of course, we supply also OEM versions on customer requirements. We be able to deliver any customized device from our large number of existing system designs and components.

MFG Serie - Power generators for heating and plasma excitation


Our high frequency sources series RFD have been designed with primarily focus on industrial and scientific RF applications. Examples are inductive heating and plasma application as well as dielectric heating. These applications place extreme demands on voltage and current loadability on transmitters and coupling networks. Therefore, the transmitter concept has been realized with extensive reserves in the current and voltage strength, in order to predetermine a robust fail-safe final stage design. These transmitters incooperates with an integrated automatic matching processor, which provides in case of mismatches a fast controls of an automatic matchung unit.It was also considered to achieve a high efficiency.

Standard operating frequencies:

  • 13.56 MHz
  • 27.12 MHz
  • 40.68 MHz

Melting of metals

  • Melting of Sample material for examination
  • and analytical investigation

Brazing of carbide blades and shrink fits

  • brazing of carbide blades on drill bits, saw-blades and tools for milling machines
  • Compound of Diamond blades and grinding tools
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