Solutions for Metal fusion / shrink fit

It become to a tight fit, seamless and durable for reliable timeless connection. The induction shrink fit of metal parts is a method for permanent composite of components by least one metal part. After heat expansion an other part can be easy centred over and placed there. For example, rings, sleeves, tubes, shafts and bearing shells.Due to the natural temperature balance and cooling during the contact between the two work pieces, the previously heat expanded work piece shrinks back to the original dimension, as a result remains a high mechanical clamping forces, up to a cold welding effect of both work pieces. Major advantage of our RFD series is the use of radio frequency, we can achieves several hundred megahertz. Thus also highly conductive non-ferromagnetic metals, for example copper, can be heated.The MFG and RFD series solution can be found in applications like shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, wheelbase hubs,electric motor construction as well at ball-bearing production.

MFG Metal fusion / shrink fit

MFG Serie - Power generators for heating and plasma excitation

RFD Metal fusion / shrink fit

RFD Serie - RF Power transmitter for heating and plasma excitation

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