RF power combiner & divider 50 Watts

PD 50

  • Low VSWR
  • Passive
  • Fully reciprocal
  • Low insertion loss
  • High insulation
  • Internal termination resistor

Full production

  • Batch production
  • Stock

Devices Description

The PD 50 Watts 5-150 MHz is a broadband coupler and divider. Thus, a source power can be distributed to several loads. The inputs and outputs are always adjusted to the corresponding system impedance and the output power is distributed according to the connection number. The output signal phase is always 0 °. The passive construction also allows the inverted opration as a combiner. The operation of two or more HF sources, even with different operating frequencies, into an single acousto-optic modulator is possible.

Individual Interfaces

We would be glad to provide you with an interface according to your individual requirements.

Standard Interfaces:


  • RF adaptors
  • Dummy load
  • Power meters
  • Vector impedance analyzer
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