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Range of Service

As an ISO-certified supplier, we offers customized and specific developments as well product revisions of devices and systems. With our pronounced skills in power electronics, Radio-frequency technique as well with micro controllers, we can cover a large field of technologies for physicals and medical usage - always a tailored to fit on customer requests from concept to the serial device.

Our principle is to provide you with comprehensive and constant advice and support.Our goal is to provide the best solution for you.

System- and component development

  • analysis of the project
  • design specifications
  • seeking for solutions with improved or new products
  • implementation
  • service, maintenance and training


  • board assembly
  • master samples
  • individual cable assembly
  • individual winding material
  • electronic assembly production
  • redesign
  • contract production

power electronics

  • switched-mode power supply modules AC/DC
  • switched-mode power supply modules DC/DC
  • actuator drivers
  • radio frequency generators / -transmitter
  • medium-frequency generators


  • measurement and control systems
  • amplifier and signal conditioning LF/HF
  • sensors
  • filter and bandpass

Industrial automation

  • µ-controller
  • FPGA
  • standardized PLC systems
  • application software
  • interfaces and converter
  • AD converter
  • DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) synthesizer

Mechanical engineering

  • lab measurement and analysis systems
  • modern system controls[
  • system wiring
  • plugin and control cabinet construction
  • module manufacturing
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