Highly available RF-Driver Multi-Frequency

MFT 1-60 Watts Spectrum

  • Up to 16 Frequencies / channels
  • Frequency range 20-350 MHz
  • Amplitude modulation
  • Pulse mode
  • Temperature Stabilizes
  • Low harmonic spectrum
  • Low sideband noise 
  • Low intermodulation

Multi-beam deflection with acoustic optics for engraving and imaging

The "MFT" broadband RF driver series is specially tailored to the acousto-optical frequency range from 20 MHz to 350 MHz.This series of modules allows independent adjustment of frequency from 2 up to 16 channels with fine frequency and phase adjustment. All carrier frequencies are merged to common output. By selecting the different frequency combinations, very complex AOM applications can be realized without the need for several discrete devices. Modular frequency, channel and power variants can be flexibly adjusted and implemented in systems.

Operating characteristics of MFT series

Individual accessories & EMC

Numerous accessories and options for extended functionality enable customer-specific applications and versatile use. Examples include individual software modules, connection cables and complete measuring and simulation systems. Also our integration services and EMC consulting accelerate market launch.

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