RFD 500 Watts

RFD 500

  • 13.56 MHz-260 MHz
  • 48 V industrial supply
  • Mismatch safe
  • Power control
  • Temperature compensation
  • Overtemperature protection
  • Overvoltage-overcurrent protection
  • Operation display
  • Ultra compact design
  • Air cooled or water cooled

Full production

  • Batch production MOQ 10
  • Samples available


Our high frequency sources series RFD have been designed with primarily focus on industrial and scientific RF applications. Examples are inductive heating and plasma application as well as dielectric heating. These applications place extreme demands on voltage and current loadability on transmitters and coupling networks. Therefore, the transmitter concept has been realized with extensive reserves in the current and voltage strength, in order to predetermine a robust fail-safe final stage design. These transmitters incooperates with an integrated automatic matching processor, which provides in case of mismatches a fast controls of an automatic matchung unit.It was also considered to achieve a high efficiency.

Individual Interfaces

We would be glad to provide you with an interface according to your individual requirements.

Standard Interfaces:


  • Supply connection cable
  • AC/DC-Supplies
  • Hochfrequenzleitung
  • Interface cable
  • Power splitter and combiner
  • Dummy load and power meters
  • Matching networks with automatic
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